Wednesday, May 28, 2014

89.) PZL-104 "Wilga"-35A STOL Taxi Airplane - "Golden Oriole" Polish Aircraft cutaway at Hungary lake - Balaton

PZL-104 "Wilga"-35A STOL Taxi Airplane - "Golden Oriole" Polish Aircraft cutaway at rundflug in Balatonfüred Hungary lake - Balaton. 'Air Pajor'

Refreshed! to-103%-21.11.2016.+++
above: board gift card artwork by Juci'bacsi's Air Art Graphics
Sétarepülés - Rundflug, Wieving-Flight
above: NEW! HiRes! She is another type "Wilga" "Golden Oriole" - Ő egy másik "Sárgarigó" típus.  photo:
above: New!    below: NEW! MedRes!
below: Hi Res! Juci'bacsi's scanned collection early 1980's TECNIKA kisfüzetek /  issue
above: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bacsi scanned collection from Vass balázs: repülőgéptípusok" Budapest1968. book. Polish PZL-104 "Wilga" at LHBP - "Ferihegy" 1960's

skill of SHORT 
above: MedRes! Juci'bacsi's scan collect.: Technika magazin 1970s
 above & below: NEW! HiRes! above: Juci'bacsi's scan coll. from RNA issue
above: NEW! MedRes! Juci'bacsi's sketch about STOL Liaison & radar Recce aircraft 1973.
above: MedRes! Drawing
above: NEW!
above: NEW pic!
aboveNEW Pics! HiRes! Juci'bacsi's repro dia-slides collection copy: Armee Rundschau GDR issue
above: Amodel PZL-104 Dosaf Wilga

above: NEW! MedRes! The Know-How precedessor was the Fieseler Fi 156 "Storch" - "Stork"

above - below: Juci'bacsi's origin scanned collection: PZL-104 Balatonakali airstrip Air-pajor. In the cockpit is "Bubu" my son looking out.
Pajor Pista with my daughter Dorothy

above & below: three pics: HiRes! at the Balatonfüred airstrip with my son Andrew & Pajor Steve & & Táskay Misi'bácsi & Juci'bacsi

above: NEW! MedRes! HA-SEF former was Air Policing R-07
NEW! above: MedRes! R-07  source: Hu. Collector: Almási Balázs gyűjteményéből/facebook   below: NoHigher! R-06 in Ferihegy 'Aeropark'

above: NEW! Juci'bacsi's scanned collect from OV: HiRes! The spirit of "Wilga" the very popular Polish actress erotic symbol was blondie cat, Barbara Brylska from 1960-'70s


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